Monday, July 09, 2007

Happy Monday!

By Diane Silver

Between the 4th of July and a variety of other money-making commitments, we've slowed down a bit here at In This Moment. Stay tuned for further developments. Posting will resume soon.

Meanwhile, in beautiful Lawrence, Kansas, it is hot, hot, hot and humid as all get out. I know this is ecologically unsound, but I'm not certain I would survive without air conditioning.

And so it goes...


Nancy Jane Moore said...

It's hot in Washington, D.C., too -- 96 degrees right now, according to (I'm not planning to go outside to verify that). But on the whole, we've had an awfully nice summer around here so far -- not something we're noted for. I sympathize greatly with all those folks suffering from floods, droughts, fires, and heat waves.

Diane Silver said...

In Kansas, it's been flooding. Luckily, up here in northeast Kansas, we've missed the worst of it. Other places in the state are not so lucky, particularly Coffeyville, which had a flood compounded by a major oil leak.