Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Who lied & who didn't? A Bradley Schlozman, U.S. attorney scandal roundup

[Updated 2:31 p.m.]

Talking Points Memo now has its video montage of Bradley Schlozman's testimony up. Josh Marshall calls Schlozman's performance "one of the most acrimonious, combustible and frankly mutually-contemptuous testimony I've ever seen."

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Josh Marshall speculates that Bradley Schlozman lied in his testimony before Congress yesterday and promises to post a video compilation of Schlozman's testimony later this morning.

TPMmuckraker mulls conflicting accounts on why people working for a liberal group were indicted for voter fraud just before the November election.

Fine coverage, context and analysis at Watching Those We Chose (where I also blog) of Schlozman's testimony and the media response to it. Thanks corpus juris.

I am sick of anonymous sources.

"I can't recall." Bradley Schlozman edition.

Schlozman and Graves, Compare and Contrast

The bottom line? It looks more and more like the GOP was attempting the throw the Missouri Senate election to their candidate.

In This Moment's earlier take on the situation.

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