Saturday, June 30, 2007

The new Hope & Politics column is now up at Camp KC & despite the rain, life is good

By Diane Silver

Happy Saturday. As we say in Kansas: There are only two kinds of rain in the Sunflower State, drought and flood. Today we've got flood, along with flash flood warnings and full blown flood warnings where the TV is urging folks in some counties to seek higher ground. Ugh.

Today I am delighted to be heading to the wedding of two friends. These wonderful women have already been together for a decade and are now having a commitment ceremony at our church. Once again this shows that voting for marriage equality is a vote for religious freedom. Many churches marry same-sex couples.

Meanwhile, my new column is now up online at Camp. "Why We're Winning" is also being printed this month by the Liberty Press.

Keep dry. Be well.

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