Saturday, May 05, 2007

To help Greensburg, Kansas

By Diane Silver

[updated 5/7/07 5:33 p.m.]
I've been away from the computer and out of touch with the news. I only just learned about last night's enormous tornado in Greensburg in southern Kansas about 270 miles from me. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people in the town and to their families and friends.

The Wichita Eagle has information for those who would like to help and those who are looking for loved ones. Thoughts From Kansas has maps and a discussion of how tornados form.

Here is an updated link for those wishing to provide donations and other help to the good folks of Greensburg, Kansas.


Cherubina said...

I was thinking about trying to get my community involved in donations. I also would like to know when it would be safe to come physically help with clean up and assistance in other areas. Thanks Cherubina

Diane Silver said...

I'm afraid that I don't have the answers you're seeking, especially about whether it is safe or advisable to physically visit Greensburg.

However, The Wichita Eagle has good information on how to help. Here's the most updated information.

I following that story's suggestions. You can also call some of the phone numbers listed in the story.