Thursday, May 24, 2007

On the Road Again: Why we migrate to WisCon every year

By Diane Silver

Once again the staff of In This Moment is heading to delightful Madison for the annual WisCon gathering of the feminist science fiction, fantasy and horror community. My plane is leaving this morning at, ugh, 6:40.

If you can't even conceive of what something like WisCon might be like... Imagine a place where the instant you walk into a hotel you see a friend and start talking, and you don't stop meeting friends, talking, listening or laughing until you get back on the plane to go home. WisCon is nonstop joy, intense discussion, and above all, connection. It nourishes the soul. It makes me a better writer every time I go.

All of which is why I'm heading off once again. The rest of the In This Moment staff, Nancy Jane Moore and Pamela K. Taylor, will also be at WisCon as usual.

I may have a chance for a post or two, but at the very least, I'll be running some special posts.

I've been writing a column -- called "Hope & Politics" -- for the Liberty Press for about nine months now. The column has just been picked up by Camp in Kansas City. None of the columns have appeared online yet. I'll be posting a selection while we're gone.

PHOTO: Here I am, on the left, grinning like a fool with 2001 WisCon Guest of Honor Elisabeth Vonarburg. We are celebrating the birth of Broad Universe at the very first BU party. Elisabeth, by the way, was my roommate in 1999, the first year I attended WisCon. I had a horrible cold. She was a dear.

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