Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Breathlessly catching up with the U.S. attorney scandal's reach into Kansas City

By Diane Silver

Good grief! It's impossible to keep up with what's happening in the U.S. attorney scandal, and I'm only talking about the Kansas City portion of it. It now appears that KC's own U.S. attorney, Todd Graves, may have been the 9th attorney fired, and well, there's much more.

Talking Points Memo has the goods on Graves leaving and Missouri Sen. Kit Bond's involvement in both booting him out and trying to get him more time to complete his cases. (Note the original information is hidden behind the KC Star's new outrageously priced paywall. And yes, I know that the whole thing is confusing.)

Watching Those We Chose has:
Graves Pushed out for Performance Reasons.
One of Bond's Staffers Wanted Graves Gone

The Washington Post has Lawmaker's Aide Targeted Prosecutor

The Kansas City Star on why Congress wants Bradley Schlozman to testify. It looks like he will testify on May 15. Schlozman took over for Graves and pursued voting fraud indictments that are now beginning to look fishy.
Photo: Kit Bond

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