Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"The most incompetent White House I've seen."

By Diane Silver

Uh huh.

David Ignatius at The Washington Post quotes GOP insiders and guess what? They echo what those of us out here in the heartland are thinking. (The emphasis is mine.)

"This is the most incompetent White House I've seen since I came to Washington," said one GOP senator. "The White House legislative liaison team is incompetent, pitiful, embarrassing. My colleagues can't even tell you who the White House Senate liaison is. There is rank incompetence throughout the government. It's the weakest Cabinet I've seen." And remember, this is a Republican talking.

There's more:

A prominent conservative complains: "With this White House, there is loyalty not to an idea, but to a person. When Republicans talked about someone in the Reagan administration being 'loyal,' they didn't mean to Ronald Reagan but to the conservative movement." Bush's stubborn defense of Gonzales offends these Republicans, who see the president defiantly clinging to an official who has lost public confidence, just as he did for too long with former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Call me crazy, but I thought the people in the White House were supposed to be loyal to the country and its people, not to a movement, not to a person.

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