Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kansas: Phill Kline & the Johnson County DA's office see another exodus

by Diane Silver

I'm late picking up on this, but I do want to note that it looks like six attorneys have resigned from the Johnson County District Attorney's office since Phill Kline took over.

That is in addition to the eight staff members Kline fired on his first day in office. Seven of the fired staff were attorneys. One was the office's chief investigator. Those eight are now suing Kline.

The notice of the resignations was in a small item in the Kansas City Star. (Scroll down) The Star notes the departure of four attorneys, which follows up on the earlier departure of two other attorneys.

If these figures are correct, and I'm understanding this right, that means the DA's office of one of the most prominent counties in the state has just lost 13 attorneys plus it's chief investigator.

I can't pretend to have any expertise in how a DA's office runs, but I do know what it's like to lose staff. Even if you replace old staff with the best, most qualified people in the world, it takes time for them to get up to speed on their jobs. To have so many people leaving the DA's office at the same time can't be good news for the folks of Johnson County.

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