Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kansas: Yet more on Jerry Johnston & problems at First Family Church

By Diane Silver

Kudos to JustCara for pulling together information on the Rev. Jerry Johnston, his many transgressions (both large and small), and the First Family Church in Overland Park.

Among the topics, JustCara and her visitors touch on are:
  • Johnston's need for bodyguards (a preacher who needs bodyguards? huh?)
  • Harsh treatment of those who question Johnston
  • Luxuries for the Johnston's while missionaries and church members struggle
  • Reports of a lavish wedding registry for a Johnston child
Much of the info is from posts and comments, many from people who have been involved in the church and have personal stories to tell. I've also had comments from folks who've attended and worked at First Family. (take a look at the comments section of this post.) I think it's important for us to connect all of these, so people can pool their knowledge.

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