Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Reads: Heckuva job of supporting our troops, George!

[updated 1:45 pm with new information on Ann Coulter. See Below]

By Diane Silver

For your Friday morning reading, we once again find George W. Bush and friends following the Hurricane Katrina Model of Management -- ignore, neglect and above all turn your back on those you claim to support.

Today's example comes from The New Times and once again involves soldiers injured in Iraq. The Times reports that the quality of disability benefits and when wounded troops get them depend on where the injured veterans live and whether they served in the active duty military, Reserves or National Guard. Sadly, the states with the most troops in Iraq are seeing the biggest problems. Once again the problems appear to be a lack of planning and a failure of compassion.

Also today...

Want to know why it's so hard to meet your bills? Paul Krugman explains the history of the disappearing middle class over at AlterNet.

If you can't afford to subscribe or refuse to pay for Time Select, this is a good opportunity to read the clearest thinking economist I've ever seen. One of the great things about Krugman is that he explains the hows and whys and the oh-my-gawds of economics in terms even I can understand.

Meanwhile, five papers have now dropped Ann Coulter's column. The Human Rights Campaign continues its efforts to get papers to oust Coulter. HRC President Joe Solmonese explains why in a column at The Huffington Post.

Editor and Publisher reports on the The Times of Shreveport, La.. In a note just posted on the newspaper's site, Times Executive Editor Alan English wrote:
"Today we move past the rhetoric and unproductive dialogue offered by Ann Coulter. The Times is dropping her column effective immediately.

"It is her recent 'joke' about John Edwards being considered a 'faggot' that is the back - breaking straw for a decision we've openly discussed for some time."
The entire note is worth reading.

[1:45 pm update: A 7th paper has now dropped Coulter. That's the good news. Her replacement is Michelle Malkin. That's the bad news.]

Finally... The Boston Globe notes that new media give people new power: "People are producing their own newspapers every day."

So they are, and I have.
By the way, the photo is of George W. at his second inauguration. He looks grim doesn't he? Two years later, we all feel grim.

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