Thursday, February 01, 2007

When the Bush Administration talks about Iran, remember what they said about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

By Nancy Jane Moore

U.S. Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns is running around giving interviews suggesting that Iran has something to do with killing Americans in Iraq. I heard him on NPR's Morning Edition this morning and there are press reports as well.

Before you get the idea that maybe Iran really is the problem, remember the lies Bush and his posse told that sucked Congress and a large percentage of the US population into supporting the Iraq War.

And then read Juan Cole. Today Cole calls Burns's comments "vague and unsubstantiated." On Tuesday, his article on the dangers posed by Bush's current Iran policies appeared in on Salon. He also discussed it on Informed Comment on Tuesday.

The real danger here is that Bush will lead us into another unnecessary war. And the irony is that sane solutions to the incredible mess he made in Iraq involve working with Iran.

For an amusing take on Bush's policy that he will take military action against any country he thinks is destabilizing Iraq, I recommend this week's panels of Darrin Bell's comic strip Candorville.

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