Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kansas says hello to science & evolution; waves farewell to intelligent design

By Diane Silver

That huge rush of air you felt just a few minutes ago was the state of Kansas taking a collective sigh of relief. The state Board of Education just voted to institute science standards that are actually based on science.

Who would have thought? Science standards that, ah, actually have to do with science.

The change, of course, didn't happen because of the result of scientific research, but because of the results of the November election. That's when moderate Republicans and Democrats won a one-vote majority of the 10-member state board.
Voters were finally fed up with the antics of the ultra conservative members of the board who seemed more interested in pushing religion than education.
Red State Rabble attended the meeting and posted the news at 4:53 p.m. Not surprisingly, the vote was 6-4 for the new science standards. Rabble also did a good job of posting blow-by-blow of the amendments the ultra conservatives offered. I suspect he will also have follow-up coverage.

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