Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Kansas Moments: Phill Kline prepares to oust rival; Paul Morrison worries & Kathleen Sebelius talks of hope

By Diane Silver

Inauguration day saw the start of the second administration of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius along with the great job swap between Phill Kline and Paul Morrison. Here's a roundup of what happened and bits and pieces of what may come.

Phill Kline -- the darling of the Religious Right -- is rumored to be ready to fire seven lawyers in the Johnson County District Attorney's office. Among them is Steve Howe, who ran against Kline for the DA job. The DA's office in the state's most populous county isn't small, but the loss of even seven experienced attorneys will hurt. One can only hope that Kline actually tries to do the job of DA, instead of pursuing his continuing efforts to push the political agenda of the Religious Right. The KC Star covered Kline's swearing in.

Paul Morrison took over as Kansas attorney general and immediately said he would fire Kline's special prosecutor Don McKinney, an anti-abortion activist hired to prosecute the the most well-known abortion provider in the state. Morrison also said he was concerned about the security of medical records, given that they may be in McKinney's hands. Morrison has good reason to be worried, given McKinney's past and present activities.

Meanwhile, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius was inaugurated for her second term. Here's a story about the event and here's a transcript of her speech.

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