Wednesday, January 10, 2007

George W Bush, Iraq & In This Moment

By Diane Silver

We're going to try a little experiment tonight and live blog President Bush's speech on the Iraq War. If all goes well -- and we haven't tried this before -- there will be four of us chatty folk commenting, ruminating and contemplating Bush's plan.

Our commentators will include our usual suspects, In This Moment bloggers Nancy Jane Moore and Pamela K. Taylor, along with myself. I am also going to bring along my mother -- yes friends, my Mom -- to help me blog this event.

This afternoon I realized that it would be fascinating to hear what Mom, aka Joan Silver, has to say about the speech. Mom turns 80 in two days. She was 15 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and 19 when WW II ended. She was in her 40s during Vietnam. Tonight we intend to watch the speech together and discuss it. Thus, some of the ideas will be hers. The typos and misspellings will be all mine.

Stay tuned...

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