Wednesday, January 10, 2007

From Kansas: Sinking stomachs & fear of more war & more blood

From Diane:

What role does Al Qaeda have in Anbar Province? Bush makes it sound like they are the only reason there are problems in Anbar. Actually, the real question is does Al Qaeda have any power there, or is this an illusion? The fact that I even ask this question shows how little credibility Bush has.

I'm sitting her listening to Bush and my heart is sinking. Bush says he's sending in more troops, U.S. Navy ships, and I remember the escalation in Vietnam. It was small at first, then steady, then huge. More and more young men died. Boys -- and yes, they were boys -- died and for what? Listening to Bush is like listening to LBJ then: Throw more bodies at the problem and more bodies and more.

Bush is still confusing 9/11 and the fight against terrorism with the war on Iraq. I am so sick of that.

Even more frightening, especially to the mother of a 21-year-old son is Bush's call to expand the military. What exactly is he talking about?

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