Tuesday, January 23, 2007

From Kansas: The real state of the union, or why I won't watch George W. Bush tonight

By Diane Silver

I have had enough of being preached to by a man who:

* Believes that "reality" and "facts" are swear words;

* Never had to live paycheck to paycheck;

* Never faced a bill he couldn't pay;

* Never had to spend a second outside of the warm embrace of his father's money and the "gold-plated" health insurance that is only available to the rich;

* Never went to war, yet doesn't seem to hesitate to send other people off to kill, be wounded or die; (Please don't point out Bush's "service" in the Texas National Guard. Bush was never even close to being in the line of fire, and he knew he wouldn't be when he joined the National Guard, since the Guard generally didn't go off to fight at that time.)

* Thinks that being stubborn is more important than being right;

* Believes the American people and our wishes are mere jokes to be ignored.

Oh, I'll read the newspaper accounts and the analyses of Bush's speech. I'll go through Bush's proposals in detail, and I might even comment on them later.

After his plan to escalate in Iraq and the way he turned his back on the results of the election, though, I believe there is only one proper response to Bush tonight. It's time -- it's more than time -- for us to turn our collective backs on him.

What am I going to do tonight? Read a book, maybe watch a little non-Bush TV. What about you?

Thanks so much, Nancy, for the great post on Bush's alleged health-care proposal.

Note that the above photo is of Bush giving a State of the Union address in 2003. May the current Democrat-dominated Congress do a better job of standing up to our bully-in-chief than that GOP-run Congress did.

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