Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kansas: Voting for Phill Kline for DA would have been "unconscionable"

By Diane Silver

Now it's time to hear from the other side of the Johnson County Republican Committee. Let's listen to why one Republican precinct representative - Kansas House Rep. Stephanie Sharp -- voted against making Phill Kline the district attorney.

By the way, note that she fears retaliation for standing by the voters of her precinct. Those voters overwhelmingly rejected Kline when he ran for re-election as attorney general in November.

Sharp writes in an email to interested voters:

For the record: Even though this was a secret ballot, I don't hide my votes from you. I approached the evening, and my vote, scientifically.

I researched the vote totals in every one of my precincts, including my own. Phill Kline lost every precinct and nearly all by a 2-to-1 margin. In my precinct (Lenexa 3-7), the total was 462-205.

In every precinct, that race received the highest total votes, which signaled to me that voters were very adamant about voting in that race, even when they skipped other races. Thus, my vote went to Steve Howe. (Kline's only opponent in the race.)

I'm sure I will face retaliation by many fellow Republicans, but considering the above facts, any other vote would have been unconscionable.

I've heard from many of you upset about this outcome. I understand your frustration with the precinct process and am hopeful this event will encourage primary election participation.

Sharp argues that the outcome of Monday night's vote shows why it's important for voters to get involved in electing their precinct representatives.

Political boundaries are arranged by precincts of voters. Each precinct is represented by a Republican Precinct Committeewoman and Committeeman, and a Democrat Precinct Committeewoman and Committeeman. These people are elected during the August primary. Maybe this will bring attention to the importance of primary elections in Kansas!

...The point the media is missing: Precinct Committee representatives serve as your voice when a vacancy occurs. Just how I am your voice in Topeka, these folks are accountable to you, the voters.

Sharp urges Johnson County Republicans to find out who represents them on the precinct level and get involved. To find your precinct representative either take a look at your voter registration card, or visit the following web sites.
Lenexa Republican Precinct Committee.

Shawnee Republican Precinct Committee

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