Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kansas: Phill Kline's last gasp special prosecutor will get the boot

By Diane Silver

The state's new attorney general, Paul Morrison, told reporters today that he won't keep the special prosecutor his predecessor appointed to go after abortion provider, Dr. George Tiller.

AP reports:
Attorney General-elect Paul Morrison said in a telephone interview today that he's not inclined to have a special prosecutor handle any investigation into Dr. George Tiller, who operates a Wichita clinic and is one of the few doctors in the nation to perform late-term abortions....

While Morrison, who supports abortion rights, would not completely rule out having a special prosecutor, he added, "It certainly won't be Mr. McKinney."
McKinney is an anti-abortion protestor who wins laurels from Operation Rescue for praying outside of Tiller's Wichita clinic. I agree with Morrison that McKinney can't be seen as being even close to objective (dare we say fair minded?) on the subject of Tiller.

The saga of Kline's frantic "last gasp" effort to get Tiller on misdemeanor charges before leaving office on Jan. 8 continues. This is turning into the Energizer bunny of cases.

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