Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Whew! It looks like the Democrats are holding on in Maryland

By Nancy Jane Moore

My local NPR station, WAMU, is telling me the Maryland Senate race has been called for Ben Cardin, the Democrat. This seat is currently held by a Democrat, but the incumbent retired this year.

In fact, right now -- just after 11 PM -- Cardin is declaring victory. But the Republican hasn't conceded yet.

The governor's race in Maryland is still neck and neck, but some of the TV networks have apparently called it for the Democrat, Martin O'Malley. The polls were open until 8 PM ET in Maryland, and according to some call-ins on WAMU, people in Prince George's County were still standing in line to vote in at 9:30.

It's also worth noting that a lot of people voted absentee in Maryland. The primary election in Maryland was marred by significant problems with electronic voting machines.

The Virginia Senate race is still too close to call -- less than a percentage point between the candidates. No one has jumped out on a limb and called that one, though Allen is still a little bit ahead.

Things went as expected in the District of Columbia, where Adrian Fenty was officially elected mayor with 90 percent of the vote. So now we can stop saying the "probable" next mayor.

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