Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Webb takes a tiny lead in Virginia and the Dems clean House

By Nancy Jane Moore

The Virginia Board of Elections now has the Democrat Webb ahead by 1,817 votes. Certainly there's going to be a statewide recount and the absentee votes remain to be counted, but it's still nice to see him with the edge at the moment. This is with 99.35 percent of precincts reporting.

And with the Democrats taking the House -- NPR says the Dems have taken 22 House seats now -- it looks like Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker of the House. Madame Speaker. I really like the sound of that. It's about time we had a woman in one of the most powerful leadership positions in the country.

Plus we're getting rid of the current speaker, Hastert, whom Rolling Stone recently called one of the 10 worst members of Congress.

By the way, the recent Rolling Stone cover story, "The Worst Congress Ever," is worth a read. The truth about some of these people is more dreadful than your worst nightmare. We really need to clean House and probably more thoroughly than we're cleaning it tonight. But this is a start.

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Diane Silver said...

I'm getting punchy and may be hallucinating. However, I could swear that I just saw an update showing Democrat Claire McCaskill with a tiny lead over Republican Jim Talent for the Missouri Senate seat. Very interesteing. Could these races actually break for the Democrats late?

If so, that gives the Democrats the Senate. With such thin margins, though, there will be recounts.

Stay tuned. This isn't over yet.