Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kansas: Nancy Boyda's win over Jim Ryun may hold the key to the political future

By Diane Silver

Democrat Nancy Boyda's victory over incumbent Republican Jim Ryun ranks among the most stunning upsets of the entire election.

Democrats, moderates and progressives from the Beltway and beyond would do well to understand exactly what happened in Kansas' 2nd Congressional.

I took a first swipe at analyzing the upset at around midnight. Another Kansas blog, Seige Mentality, did a great job of outlining all the possible factors that may have contributed to Boyda's win.

It's probably impossible right now to say exactly what happened. We all need a little more sleep and a lot more time to look at the data. But one thing seems clear, at least to this bleary eyed Kansan.

Moderates and progressives can't give up on red states. We are not, and probably never have been, as inherently red as people think.

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