Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kansas Evolution Election: Score one for the anti-evolution forces

With all the precincts reporting, Republican incumbent John Bacon has held onto the District 3 seat on the Kasnas state Board of Education. Bacon defeated pro-science Democrat Don Weiss, 56 percent to 44 percent.

Because of victories by moderate, pro-science candidates in the August primary, the moderates now hold a 6-4 majority on the board. Moderates, though, were hoping to pick up one or two more seats today. That would make it harder for anti-evolution forces in the state to take control of the board in the next election.

In the last decade, control of the state board -- and the state's policy about teach evolution -- has see-sawed back and forth between the radical right and moderates.

The only hope for adding to the moderate majority is now in the 7th District where anti-evolution incumbent Ken Willard holds a slight lead over pro-science candidate Jack Wempe. Stay tuned.

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