Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election day plans & open thread

I'll be live blogging election results tonight. Due to a scheduling conflict, I won't be able to begin posting, though, until about 9:30 or 10 pm.

Please use this as an open thread to comment on the election or about any voting problems you've experienced.

Wednesday morning, I'll be blogging about the meaning of it all and the pursuit of life, liberty and, well, morning-after humor - depression - contemplations. Today I find myself wavering back and forth between elation and worry. How do you feel today?


Anonymous said...

I'm a little optimistic...but have some doubt. I would love to see Boyda pull off the upset but I think Morrison winning is more likely. I'll be happy tomorrow as long as Kline loses.


Diane Silver said...

I think a Boyda victory is a long shot, but still possible. A Morrison win is more likely, although I'm not going to count any victory as happening until this election is over. Nationally, I hope and pray that the Dems win at least one house of Congress. It seems to so often in the past, we've been disappointed that it's almost too much to hope.

And a Kline loss? Oh my... wouldn't that just be wonderful?

Anonymous said...


Again, I really appreciate the hard work you and the others are putting in. I really keep a close eye on Kansas politics out here in NY. I hope to some day come home to a reasonable legislative branch.

Any word on early exit polls?