Thursday, October 26, 2006

Phill Kline, "unsubstantiated allegations," Kansas fury -- or the lack of it

By Diane Silver

The race for Kansas attorney general may well boil down to one thing: How closely are voters paying attention?

Will all the mud that Kline is slinging stick in voters' minds because they haven't paid attention to detail? That is obviously what Kline hopes. Unfortunately, too often in the past, the Big Lie method of propoganda -- repeat a lie as if it were true and people believe it -- has worked.

What's important for voters to remember, though, is that it's not just one isolated, liberal blogger who is furious about Kline's tactics. I've watched Kansas politics closely for 20 years now, and I have never seen anything as nasty and underhanded as Kline's campaign.

His mudslinging has been condemned by both of the state's major newspapers. Even Republicans are disgusted by the way Kline is using an unproven allegation to try to woe women voters, who are his weakest demographic.

I think Phillip Brownlee from The Wichita Eagle said it best today in the WE Blog:
If a 15-year-old, unproven accusation is the best Kline can come up with to try to tarnish his opponent's sterling reputation, Morrison must really be impressive. And if our state's top attorney treats unsubstantiated allegations as if they had been proved true, it's time for a better attorney.

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