Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More detail & questions on Kansas attorney general deal

By Diane Silver

Here's the Topeka Capital-Journal's interview with former Attorney General Bob Stephan -- a Republican and former special assistant to Phill Kline.

Stephan raises troubling questions that shouldn't be lost in funny little headlines, such as the Capital-Journal used, "Kline Bedevils Stephan."

First, look at who is reporting this --> a GOP faithful who is a born-again Christian who was willing to work for Kline, and who just happens to be a former state attorney general.

Second, look at what Stephan is saying and at what Kline's people do NOT deny -->

1. Kline preached at a Topeka church.

2. The church's pastor told the congregation to write checks for Kline and told his congregation to make the checks out to the church.

3. The church wrote a check to a for-profit company owned by Kline's wife (or by both he and his wife. That point isn't clear yet.)

4. That company wrote a check to Kline's campaign.

I am not clear, yet, on the exact time of each event.

Third, this is important, Stephan says, because it makes it hard to tell who gave money to Kline's campaign. So far, no one is saying that laws were broken, but questions need to be asked about the details of these events.

The Capital-Journal reports:
In an interview, Kline said he wasn't required to make a public accounting of money he made while preaching. He also said none of the revenue generated through his for-profit corporation, SWT Communications Inc., had been moved into his re-election campaign. SWT stands for Staying With Truth.

"I can tell you SWT has not contributed to the campaign," Kline said.

However, his campaign spokeswoman later corrected Kline and revealed at least $1,181 from SWT was diverted this year to the campaign. That check was signed by Kline's wife, Deborah, who is president of SWT.

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