Monday, October 09, 2006

Kansas Evolution Election: School Board accused of fiscal double standard

Red State Rabble has an interesting post this morning. Rabble reports that Democrat Don Weiss is noting that the past board followed a double standard in handing out money.

While the board was supposed to be taking care of public schools, the board, dominated by the Religious Right, seemed more interested in favoring others.

Weiss is running against anti-evolution incumbent John Bacon in the 3rd District.

Rabble writes:
"The board recently gave away almost $40,000 in a series of checks for $1,995 to virtually anyone who lined up and said they wanted to start a charter school," says Weiss. "What controls were on this money? Did it matter if two of the checks went to Alpharetta, GA? What is Kansas going to get for their money? I'd like to know."
For more background on the state School Board and the importance of the Nov. 7 vote, see my post "The Kansas Evolution Election: It Isn't Over Yet."

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