Sunday, October 01, 2006

Kansas City Star slams Phill Kline for "grossly" exaggerating "half-baked half-truths"

A Kansas City Star editorial did a good job today of uncovering the truth about Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline's attempt to smear his Democratic opponent. Apparently, the truth is that there isn't much in anything Kline said about Democrat Paul Morrison.

A darling of the Religious Right, Kline is fighting for his political life right now.

Go to the editorial to read the whole story, but here I'll just note that Kline's charge has to do with a certain piece of legislation.

The Star writes:
Kline's attempts to blame the legislation for criminal recidivism are grossly exaggerated and, in many cases, outright wrong...

Frightening the public with half-baked half-truths is undignified and disrespectful of the voters. A champion of justice for the state of Kansas should hold himself to much higher standards.
Just for good measure, the Star notes that even Republicans are disgusted.
Kansas Sen. John Vratil of Leawood -- like Kline, a Republican -- called the attorney general's campaign approach "demagogic."

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