Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline goes back on pledge

The Wichita Eagle's WE Blog reports that Attorney General Phill Kline's new negative ad attacking opponent Paul Morrison is not only sleazy, but also contradicts a statement (dare we say pledge?) that Kline made to the newspaper's editorial board.

Eagle blogger Phillip Brownlee writes:
Kline also says on the video that he won't use the old allegation in his campaign. That didn't last long.
The ad portrays a 15-year-old allegation against Morrison as fact, and does so by using an actor to portray Morrison as saying words he disputes saying. The sexual harassment allegation by district attorney staffer Kelly Summerlin involves one incident of one comment. The case was first dismissed for lack of evidence, and then a second lawsuit was dropped. The case was not settled, report the attorneys who represented Summerlin.

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