Monday, October 16, 2006

The "Common Sense" Candidate: Kansas City Star endorses Paul Morrison for attorney general

Noting his "impeccable" law-enforcement credentials, The Kansas City Star endorsed Democrat Paul Morrison for Kansas attorney general.

The Star noted:
Democrat Paul Morrison is by far the better choice to serve as the state's top lawyer and public safety advocate.

In sharp contrast to Kline -- who has used the attorney general's office to promote a controversial personal agenda -- Morrison would make sure common sense and good legal principles dictate his decisions. He's operated that way for 17 years as Johnson County's district attorney.

Phill Kline has taken Kansas on a wild ride during his four years as attorney general.

But enough already.
Apologies to The Star writers for shuffling the order of some of their fine editorial. I liked the, let's call it, emotional sense of my version.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who repeatedly uses only the KC Star when discussing a race in which Phill Kline is involved has no desire for fairness or the truth, not to mention impartiality (which, by the way, for you seem like your staffed with terribly inexperienced writers, will add a little validity to your claims, no matter how dishonest or misleading they are). If you don't have trouble sleeping at night, then you must be one hell of a monster.

Diane Silver said...

Actually, one of my frustrations right now is that a full-time job makes it impossible for me to do the enterprise reporting I so wish to do. I would prefer to not "use" any other media as sources.

Obviously, we have a difference of opinion on Phill Kline. I guess we'll all see tonight what the majority of the voters think. I stand by everything I've posted on this blog. As far as I can tell, it's all accurate. If you have information that shows otherwise, please post it.

As far as anyone being a monster goes... I'm not one, neither are you or Kline or anyone else. We can all disagree, though.

Here's hoping your day gets a little less angry. If you're in Kansas, perhaps you can enjoy how beautiful it is out now. I was just outside for lunch, and the weather is perfect!