Thursday, October 12, 2006

Buyer's Remorse Strikes Voters: Even Republicans think they should lose

Washington Post columnist David Broder writes today that the voters are drowning in "buyer's remorse" for the decisions they made in 2004. Even Republicans appear upset about how things turned out.

While I disagree with some of Broder's assessment about why voters are unhappy, I certainly agree with his bottom line: Enough is enough. Vote the incompetents and the do nothings (Broder says) and the arrogant and the dangerous (I say) out of office.

It's possible the GOP folks Broder mentions may well be commenting on the political footballs their party has fumbled, but there do seem to be an increasing number who are disgusted with the way their own party is governing. That's a sentiment that many out here in red-state Kansas share.

Broder writes:
What is driving public opinion is an overall impression that those in office -- meaning mainly Republicans -- have let things slide out of control and need to be relieved.

What voters may not know is that the same judgment has been reached by a significant number of people who are part of -- or close to -- the Republican majority. If I have heard it once, I have heard it a dozen times: Major Republican figures, including top officials of several past GOP administrations and Congresses, say, "We deserve to lose this election."
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