Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday Review: 65 American women have died in Iraq & Afghanistan -- most in combat

The New York Times reports today on the 65 women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan and what their deaths mean to the long-standing debate about women in the military.

In short, the article notes that women are in danger in these wars because (a) there are few safe places in country and (b) the military is stretching the rules to allow them to serve in combat areas. The Times reports that women perform well and their service is desperately needed by a stretched - to - the - breaking - point U.S. military.

Let us not dishonor the memory of these brave women by continuing the absurd debate about women's right to serve in every job in the military. They're already in harms way. They're already doing what needs to be done. Let us not ignore them, nor turn our backs on them.

Nearly 2,900 American men have died in Iraq. This photo is of a memorial to the Iraq dead on a beach in Santa Barbara, CA.

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