Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Moments: From torture & Republican sex scandals to zombies

By Diane Silver

Let America Abolish Torture Now -- without exceptions
National Religious Campaign Against Torture

From The Washington Post:
Republican Congressman quits in Page Scandal

Meanwhile, AMERICAblog and Talking Points Memo say there is evidence that the GOP leadership covered up, or at least, ignored the Florida Republican's sexual interest in pages.

The "Value Voters" met in Washington, D.C., and claim that I'm (as a lesbian) from the "pit of hell" and, apparently, the source of all evil. Talk To Action has a good roundup of all the coverage of the conference.

On a more personal note: I've always thought that since I'm so powerful I'm considered the "most important issue we face today" (as the so-called values voters claim) that I should have some real control. Why can't I control the weather, for example, or something else equally vital? You'd think there'd be some perks coming from being lesbian or gay and personally undermining civilization. How about a break on my taxes?

OK, this is a couple of days old, but it gave me such a chuckle that I thought I'd pass it on because this is mostly certainly a time when we need a few laughs. Fom Boing Boing:

Zombie Rights March Protested by Pirates


Jamie Lynk, Sarasota FL said...

It would be too easy simply label the Mark Foley issue (like many others) “the Foley Follies.“ Foley obviously is a very conflicted human being* and in an effort to salvage some personal dignity has said he’ll be checking himself into rehab and will be seeking treatment for an alcohol problem.
In Foley’s attempt to shift the blame to “demon rum”, I am reminded of another prominent Republican member of Congress, US House of Representatives from the State of Maryland, Robert E. “Bob” Bauman. In 1980, Bauman plead guilty to “sexual solicitation” (and lost his bid for re- election). However, Bauman was making overtures to adult men -- not sending “sexually explicit” emails to teenage boys who were Capitol Pages.
The story of these two men show why people believe they must hide who they are if they want to accomplish their goals. However, let us not confuse Foley with gays. If we must “label”, then Foley is a PEDOPHILE. To say he’s “gay” would be a slap in the face to all gays and lesbians. (NOTE: Since being “outed” Bauman went on to carve a niche for himself as a writer on finances from the conservative perspective.)
*Foley’s inner conflict is graphically illustrated by the following from a column by R. Jeffery Smith in The Washington Post (Sunday, October 1, 2006), entitled, “Foley Built Career as Protecting Children”:

Legislating, he told National Public Radio on June 29, "is not necessarily just trying to brand people or create a scarlet letter or subject them to unnecessary ridicule, but it's really to set a bar and a standard by which they then decide, 'I better get help professionally,' 'I better go and see how I can deal with this problem,' or, 'I should absolutely avoid contact with young people in order to ensure I don't fall into this very serious problem.' "

In retrospect, we can sadly see he was speaking of and to himself.

Jamie Lynk, Sarasota FL said...

An addendum to the above, it's a pity that the Democrats are focusing on this issue to "flog" the Republicans before the elections. They would do better to beat them up over The Military Commissions Act of 2006 --- But, wait the Democrats dropped the candy in the sand on that one. So now they'll gather support over this poor slob's broken body. Don't get me wrong - Foley is a Pedophile; but for Democrats to use him as a "political" rally point rather than Constitutional issues is lame. The media also dropped the ball, but they are sure selling papers with Foley as the lead story.