Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline uses his office to ask for money

By Diane Silver

One day after the story broke about Phill Kline's church-based fund-raising strategy comes news that Kline is using his office as attorney general to harvest e-mail addresses for his re-election effort. The hapless Kansans who had merely asked for information about a new law are then sent emails pressing them to donate to the Kline campaign.

The Hutchinson News reports today:
The attorney general's state Web site allows individuals to submit their e-mail address to receive information about the office's activities and its implementation of the concealed gun license program.

Citizens who signed up to receive these electronic news updates from Kline's office were also sent e-mails last week from kline, the attorney general's campaign Web domain.

One of the messages requested campaign contributions and included an Internet link to a secure site where donations to Kline's campaign could be made by credit card.

Another listed critical issues Kline believes are a problem in the state, such as "weak sentencing laws," and promised updates on them from Kline's office.

Kansas' campaign finance law was written before email became a major campaign tool and does not consider this tactic to be illegal.

I'm not certain it passes the "smell test," though.


Snoop said...

“Isn't it time we walked away from this madness? We can't vote Bush (Kline, right wingers, racist Republicans, anti-gay Republicans, Republican Nazi’s) out of office, but we can cripple him by getting at least one Constitutional check back in place. That's why a Democratic victory in the Congressional elections is so important in November.” (ANYTIME)

A suggestion from an evil right wing guy, put this paragraph at the head of all your posts.
It will save your readers time.

Nancy Jane Moore said...

And every time Bush makes a speech, he should just say "9/11! 9/11!"
Oh. Wait a minute. He already does.
Why should we post a disclaimer -- it is obvious we want to vote the right wingers out of office, particuarly people like Kline, who is out of step with the average Kansan and wastes a great deal of the taxpayers' money pursuing his personal obsessions.