Friday, September 08, 2006

Historians tell ABC to yank broadcast as Bush seeks to profit from 9/11

By Diane Silver

Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. and historians from Princeton, Georgetown, Harvard, Cornell and other universities have written to the chief of ABC to demand that the network pull the broadcast of "The Path to 9/11."

Talking Points Cafe has the full text of the letter, which calls the mini-series "disingenuous and dangerous." The show is set to begin airing Monday on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. In part the letter reads:
The key participants and eyewitnesses to these events state that the script distorts and even fabricates evidence into order to mislead viewers about the responsibility of numerous American officials for allegedly ignoring the terrorist threat before 2000.

The mini-series reortedly puts the blame for the 9/11 attacks on the administration of Bill Clinton while ignoring the responsibility of the administration of President George W. Bush.

Meanwhile, President George W. Bush has requested that the TV networks give him airtime for a "non-political" speech on the same night the mini-series begins. A Bush official said the Monday night speech will commemorate the anniversary of the attacks.

Personally, I am sickened by Bush's attempt to once again hijack a national tragedy for his own political profit. If Bush truly meant to take politics out of the broadcast, he would appear jointly with a Democratic leader, or he would appear with Congressional leaders from both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Can you imagine what it would mean for the nation to see that this painful moment was not being used as a campaign ad? That would be a healing. Ironically, it would also show that Bush and Republicans can act as true leaders and could help the GOP's chances in the mid-term elections in November.

Note: I have borrowed the graphic created by Think Progress because I like its message. If this offends the good folks at Think Progress, I'll be happy to take it down.

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