Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Carnival of the Liberals

In This Moment came in for a nice mention on the latest Carnival of the Liberals, which was hosted by an Australian blog, Writings on the Wall. We thank them kindly for selecting this post and suggest that you surf over to their site and see the other stories they recommended and the interesting articles and posts on their site.


Martin said...

Thanks Nancy!

The link you've given is to the "notes" side of WOTW. The article for the Carnival is here.

Nancy Jane Moore said...

Actually, the link under "Carnival of the Liberals" is to the Carnival article on WOTW. I wanted to makesure people saw both your nice article and your blog in general. But I didn't make that very clear -- people probably assumed it was to the Carnival of the Liberals main site. Thanks for the clarification.
And thanks for your nice piece.