Monday, August 07, 2006

Small-town Kansans celebrate ouster of anti-evolution Board

By Diane Silver

Lately, I've been focusing on the saga of the rainbow flag in tiny Meade, Kan., highlighting bigotry on the Plains. However, I think it's worth noting that the folks who populate the small towns, ranches and farms of the Prairie are a varied lot.

Many folks in rural Kansas aren't bigots, many aren't fundamentalists and many aren't lock-step followers of the religious right.

That fact was highlighted by the Garden City Telegram's recent story about the reaction of some Western Kansas school superintendents to the results of the recent primary election. The conservative anti-evolution majority on the state Board of Education was overturned by in the vote.

The superintendents reaction? In a word: "elated."

Noting their glee were the leaders of school districts in Holcomb (pop: 1,888), Ulysses (pop: 5,960), Sublette (pop: 1,592) and Leoti (pop: 1,440).

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