Monday, August 28, 2006

Saga of the Rainbow Flag: Westboro Baptist Church teaches Meade, Kansas, about "despicable"

About 30 supporters of anti-gay minister Fred Phelps protested a symbol of gay rights in tiny Meade on Sunday. The angry sign-toting members of Topeka's Westboro Baptist Church, though, ended up teaching at least one local resident about the true meaning of bigotry.

As always, the Phelps clan brought their children, who picketed, carried signs and shouted about how God hates gays and anyone else who doesn't agree with Phelps' theology. The central principle of his theology appears to be how all people must bow down to an abusive God.

Susan Seybert, who has lived in Meade for 30 years, "stationed herself at St. John Catholic Church to put herself between" the protesters and the church, The Wichita Eagle reported. Seybert told The Wichita Eagle:
"It's just not right," she said, shaking her head while watching children connected with the church chant about homosexuals burning in hell.

"I think it's despicable to start to teach your children at such a young age the word 'hate.' It's just the worst thing you can do," Seybert said.
The Eagle has complete coverage of Sunday's events in Meade where Phelps, the townspeople and the state board of the Kansas' largest gay rights group, The Kansas Equality Coalition, came together for a raucous afternoon.

Meade became the subject of international news in August when a rainbow flag being flown at the Lakeway Hotel in town was cut down. Later a brick with the word "fag" was thrown through the hotel's window.

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