Friday, August 25, 2006

Saga of the Rainbow Flag: Kansas Equality Coalition's state board to meet Sunday in Meade

Announced today by the Kansas Equality Coalition:
The Kansas Equality Coalition has selected as the site of its state board meeting on Sunday, August 27 the Lakeway Hotel in Meade, Kansas. The hotel has received national attention because owners continue to fly a flag that symbolizes gay pride in spite of local opposition. The flag has drawn increasingly hostile reactions from local residents, including theft of the original flag, and profanity and hate speech-scrawled bricks thrown through hotel windows.

Each of the Equality Coalition's seven chapters takes a turn hosting state board meetings, said Thomas Witt, chair of the state board.

"The Southwest chapter asked that we show our support for their members and community, and for the Lakeway owners, by holding this month's meeting at the hotel. This is another opportunity to show Kansans that discrimination is wrong, and that we take what's happened here very seriously," Witt said.

Anne Mitchell, chair of the Equality Coalition's Southwest Chapter, said they were happy to host the meeting.

"We are very pleased and proud to be hosting this month's meeting of the state board," she said. "Having the board meet here, with some members coming from as far as Kansas City, is a great show of support for our chapter and our community."

Members of Topeka's Westboro Baptist Church, known for picketing the funerals of AIDS victims and Iraq War casualties, have announced their intention to protest the Equality Coalition meeting. "It's a business meeting, and we plan to go about our business. Fred Phelps is free to protest where he wants, but we plan to ignore him," Witt said.

The three-hour meeting, scheduled to begin at 1:00 pm, will take place in the hotel ballroom. In keeping with Equality Coalition practice, the state board meeting is open to all Coalition members and invited guests.


Michael Caddell said...

I totally approve of this activity of the Kansas Equality Coalition and am relaying this link to my many friends in the Wichita area who helped me and my wife over the years in clinic defense work.

Thank you for sensible Resistance to the mindless hate.

Anonymous said...

protest all you want, never, ever, discribe the U.S.A as a gay nation. Where are the photos from hutchinson newspaper of protesters holding a sign saying "911 a gift from god"and "U.S.A. a fag nation."
occuring at funerals of dead solders by the same brain washed individuals.
you have the right thanks to those dead solders for the right to protest.