Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Kansas Evolution Election: Time to vote!

Today is primary day in Kansas. All you Kansans out there, forget about the heat, fortify yourselves with a dip in the pool, a spritz from the lawn hose and a bit of iced tea. The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Get out and vote!

Why is this important? If enough social conservatives are defeated today, then the balance of power will shift on the state Board of Education from the religious right to mainstream moderates.

Who should you support in the state board race? See this Who's Who about the race. More information on the election is at Round One of the Evolution Election.

Even the New York Times is paying attention. Take a look at "In Kansas Evolution's Backers are Mounting a Counterattack."

Other races are also important. Watch for what happens in particular House races and in the race for the Republican nomination for the state insurance commioner. Here's a post explaining the race.

Check out the Kansas Equality Coalition Voters Guide here.

MAIN*PAC, a moderate PAC has endorsed the following candidates. They don't endorse in all races so make certain to check out the other information linked above.

Waugh, Janet District 1 School Board D
McDonald, Harry District 3 School Board R
Viola, Donna District 7 School Board R
Cauble, Sally District 5 School Board R
Shaver, Jana District 9 School Board R

Rigney, Ginny District 6 Kansas House D
Yonally, Jim District 16 Kansas House R
Talia, Milack District 23 Kansas House D
Bachelor, Amber District 29 Kansas House D
Winn, Valdenia District 34 Kansas House D
Brewer, Quentin District 39 Kansas House R
Smith, Sherrelyn District 48 Kansas House R

Thornburg, Ron Statewide Secretary of State R

Praeger, Sandy Statewide Commissioner of Insurance R

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