Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Kansas Evolution Election: Early Results

[updated 9:25 p.m.]

By Diane Silver

I've covered a fair number of elections, and my opinion is that no matter what the early numbers say, we can't tell much of anything yet. Actually, you don't have to be a political expert to see that. Very preliminary results put the anti-evolution forces on the losing side of several races or running neck and neck with their opponents, but remember it is early.

The Kansas Secretary of State's election site doesn't seem to be as up to date as some of the state's newspapers. The Secretary of State site is also running very slow.

The Lawrence Journal-World seem to be posting results fairly quickly. See here.
Also see The Wichita Eagle.
Associate Press results are here.


[earlier post]

It's 7 p.m. here in boiling Kansas and the polls have closed.Turnout for the primary appears to have been very light today, perhaps because of the outrageous heat.

We should have preliminary results in the state Board of Education race and other races in about an hour or so. Please return to In This Moment for the latest, or check out the results yourself at the Kansas Secretary of State web site here.

For the state Board of Education race, look for the results in these districts.

District 1 * Janet Waugh (pro-science Democrat)
District 1 * Jesse Hall (anti-evolution Democrat)

District 3 * Harry McDonald (pro-science Republican)
District 3 * John Bacon (anti-evolution Republican)

District 5 * Sally Cauble (pro-science Republican)
District 5 * Connie Morris (anti-evolution Republican)

District 7 * Donna Viola (pro-science Republican)
District 7 * Ken Willard (anti-evolution Republican)

District 9 * Jana Shaver (pro-science Republican)
District 9 * Brad Patzer (anti-evolution Republican)

For background information, look at the What the Heck post and the Who's Who post.

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