Monday, July 17, 2006

U.S. House vote set for tomorrow on banning gay marriage: Call your representative NOW

By Diane Silver

Yet again the Republican Congressional leadership is attempting to win political points by scapegoating gay and lesbian Americans.

Last month the Senate voted on a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. Tomorrow it's the House of Representatives' turn. This vote is particularly vile because the proposal's defeat in the Senate means that it has no chance of getting out of Congress.

Now is the time to call and email your representative. Let him or her know that discrimination and prejudice are NOT the American way.

Check out the Human Rights Campaign's Vote No web site. Take a look at what it feels like to be a lesbian -- otherwise known as life as a political football.


Diane Silver said...

I do not believe in banning comments, even when they disagree with me. However, the supposed author of these comments calls himself "natural penis enlargement," which links to, well, you know the spam drill. However, he (I'm assuming he) did have some comments that relate in a goofy way to what I said.

I am deleting his post and the link to his spam site and leaving his comment. Here it is:

I do not believe in gay rights. I have several gay friends, I respect them, love them and want no illwill towards them, but they already have the same rights as me, why should they have more.

Diane Silver said...

Now, I'm going to respond to this comment.

Under the category of not making sense...

How can you possibly argue that all your "gay friends" have the same rights as you do on a post that's talking about a Constitutional ban on marriage?

Unless,you live in Massachusetts you can't possibly claim that gays have the same rights because. We can't marry in any other state. Not only that, but even in Massachusetts legal rights aren't equal. Federal law already prohibits a surviving gay spouse from getting a spouse's Social Security and keep us from getting other federal benefits.

You may dislike gays and say we don't deserve legal rights, but please don't claim we have equal rights now.