Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Kansas Primary: Moderates running for the state House need your help

We're 10 days out from the Kansas primary, and there is much more going on then a vote on the state Board of Education. Among other important races, voters have a chance to keep moderate members of the Kansas House of Representatives in office and to boot out those pushing the agenda of the religious right.

This Saturday folks from a variety of groups in Kansas will be walking door-to-door for moderates in Johnson County.

-->From 9 am to 12 pm on Saturday, July 22, folks will be walking for 16th District State Representative Jim Yonally. Rep Yonally has been a strong and consistent advocate for fairness. He is facing tough challenge in the Republican primary challenge from a social conservative. For anyone who is travelling to the KC area to canvass, he has offered to let a few volunteers borrow his guest rooms Friday evening.

MAIN*PAC reports that volunteers are meeting at 10039 Mastin Dr. Overland Park at 8:45 am. Yonally is also collecting names of those who will appear in an Endorsement ad. You can send your name to

-->From 2pm to 5pm on Saturday, July 22, folks will be helping Milack Talia in the 23rd district. He's facing a far-right candidate in the Democratic primary, and if he is victorious on August 1 and moves on to the general election, he'll be facing a right-wing Republican incumbent. If Talia wins, he add a vote of moderation to the Statehouse.

MAIN*PAC reports that volunteers are meeting at Antioch Park at 1:45 p.m. Look for the Shelter on your left as you drive in.

For more details, you can also contact Tom Witt at

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