Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Kansas Evolution Election: Moderates need money today to have a chance of defeating the radical right

[corrected and updated 9:45 pm]

By Diane Silver

While the religious right is taking a beating in fund raising in statewide Kansas races, some moderate candidates for the state Board of Education are hurting just seven days before the Aug. 1 primary.

Thoughts From Kansas reports (scroll down to the bottom of his report) that the only moderate incumbent on the board, Janet Waugh from Kansas City, is trailing her opponent in fund raising. The fund-raising efforts of other moderates are having varying degrees of success.

This primary is important. If moderate candidates like Waugh are knocked off in the Aug. 1 vote, then what happens in the November general election won't matter because the moderate candidates will already be off the ballot.

If you believe in teaching science and a public school system that is fair to students of all faiths, it is time to get out the check book and the credit card.

Give today to moderate candidates.

Waugh, Donna Viola and Jack Wempe are in particular need of our help.

See here for details on the candidates and web site and snail mail addresses.

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