Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Kansas Evolution Election: Advance voting begins today for the primary

Heads up, folks: Advance voting begins today by mail and in-person at County Election Offices for the Aug. 1 primary. The primary is the first chance Kansas voters have to defeat the anti-evolution, right-wing majority on the state Board of Education.

Because of the strong Republican majority in Kansas and because the right wing candidates are all Republicans, the primary may also represent the best chance of defeating them.

Voter Registration closes on July 17th for the Kansas primary.

The deadline for getting advance ballots in is Aug. 1.

The anti-evolution radicals on the state Board are:
District 3 - Incumbent John Bacon
District 5 - Incumbent Connie Morris
District 7 - Incumbent Ken Willard
District 9 - Incumbent Iris Van Meter decided not to run again. In her place is her son-in-law, Brad Patzer, who is expected to carry on her agenda.

Moderate Republican Janet Waugh of District 1 in Kansas City is also up for election. She has opposed the efforts of the radical majority.

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