Thursday, June 29, 2006

Latest Headlines: Guantanamo Bay, redistricting, lesbians & the Kansas view of Congress & flag burning

From the Supreme Court to churches, it has been an amazing couple of days at In This Moment. We were pleased to be mentioned prominently in that little DC newspaper known as The Post. If you are visiting from there, you can find a link to the Nancy Jane Moore commentary here: For you folks visiting from The Washington Post

Over the last two days, In This Moment has used up a lot of "ink" on the Supreme Court's recent and rather monumental decisions. Our commentary comes from two different sets of expertise.

Nancy looks at things from her experience as an attorney and legal editor.

Diane mulls over implications based on her experience as a political reporter and activist

Needless to say, we both have a multitude of opinions and perspectives. Here are the latest headlines.

The Supreme Court Issues Wild Guantanamo Bay Decision
*Supreme Court III -- Guantanamo: Justice Stevens throws up a bulwark for democracy by Nancy Jane Moore
*Does the Gitmo decision undermine the Bush case for wiretapping?
*Does the Supreme Court's Guantanamo decision mean an end to torture?
*No "blank check" for president: Supreme Court delivers "stunning rebuke" on Guantanamo Bay

The Supreme Court Rules on Redistricting
* Supreme Court I -- Texas redistricting: Too many opinions, too little consensus by Nancy Jane Moore
*The U.S. Supreme Court & the Great, Continuous Gerrymandering Circus by Diane Silver

The Supreme Court Misses the Point in Insanity Decision
Supreme Court II -- Insanity Defense: We won't need mental hospitals if we throw all the crazy people in jail by Nancy Jane Moore

The Bushies Attack Journalists
*The New York Times did the right thing in reporting on the banking program by Nancy Jane Moore

A Kansan Mediates Upon the Fine Art of Voting Yes When You Mean No
*The Kansas View: Flag-burning vote helps U.S. Senators cover their posteriors by Diane Silver

The Episcopal Church Faces Possible Punishment
*Archbishop to Episcopal Church: Renounce gays or get out. What a sad moment for a once proud church. by Diane Silver

A Lesbian Cries Out in Despair
*The story of a lesbian Episcopalian: "Heartsick, I am walking away."

Lesbian & Gay Rights Conference Comes to Kansas City
*Kansas City to host national gay rights conference: It's time to get involved!

Kentucky Keeps Fighting
*Keeping track: Lawsuit to bar Kentucky religious schools from state money moves forward

And Finally, a Word about the Allegedly Struggling Religious Right
*The religious right isn't so scary after all -- or is it?

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