Thursday, May 25, 2006

Heading out the door to WisCon

As Diane mentioned, we're both off to WisCon, the world's only feminist science fiction convention. We might post an item or two while we're there, but between the late night parties and the early morning panels -- not to mention the great conversations that go on all day -- we're not going to have lots of time. But we'll be coming back with new perspectives to share with our faithful readers.

Even though I'm headed north and inland, I haven't forgotten that we're on the verge of hurricane season. I saw a Reuters story Wednesday afternoon saying New Orleans is the U.S. city most likely to get hit by a hurricane in 2006 -- there's a 30 percent chance, according to the story. So I decided to post an essay I wrote shortly after the Katrina disaster that merges science fiction and hurricanes. It may help explain why I take science fiction as seriously as I take the issues facing the real world.

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