Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Business as usual: Radical conservatives push for radical conservatives on the Kansas Board of Education

Hat tip to Red State Rabble for pointing out that the ultra-conservative Kansas Republican Assembly recently endorsed the Radical Republican Four running for the state board of education. These are: John Bacon, Connie Morris, Ken Willard and Brad Patzer.

Bacon, Morris and Willard are among the current board members who never met a scientific principle, such as that little thing called evolution, they liked. They also pushed through the appointment of an ideologue with zero education experience to head the state's education department. Patzer is expected to vote the same way.

Rabble notes:

The Kansas Republican Assembly has played a key role in financing right-wing activists on the state school board through network of interlocking political action committees constructed to skirt Kansas campaign finance laws and channel money to conservatives on the board.
The election this November will test the ability of radical social conservatives to win politically when voters know their agenda. If we can beat them here in Kansas, they can be beaten anywhere.

For those of you outside of Kansas, it will be an interesting campaign to watch in a detached way. For those of us living in the Sunflower State, the November fight is a lot more important. The stakes are nothing less than control of our children’s minds.

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