Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Welcome & thanks to the Carnival of the Liberals!

The 8th edition of the Carnival of the Liberals is now up, and the good folks there have kindly included a link to my post, Winning the lesbian parent marathon. This is the second time the Carnival has linked to In This Moment. Many thanks!

I am biased, of course, but I think this looks like an interesting edition. It’s the Carnival’s Haiku Edition where each blog entry is introduced with a haiku. The one that introduces my entry is:

Winning the Marathon

The biggest danger
to bigots and Homophobes
are good gay parents.

The other posts in the Carnival range from those discussing the notion of meeting God to examinations of the politics of water.

History is Power
An essay about the silly notions suffragettes had to fight in the struggle for women to have the vote. Today's peace activists also have to fight silly notions.

Some time at the park
An artist and her daughter met God. The way God communicates his emotions through the children in the park was extremely creative.

The Socialism of Water
Who knew that water distribution was so darn interesting? This essay discusses the history of water socialism and why it works so well.

Building Loony Town.
If Christian fundamentalists want to have their own little cities, why not just let them and watch them implode?

If You Want To Sell the National Forests to Private Developers, Do Nothing
This is about the pending forest sell-off that the Bush administration has been pushing.

Iraqi Civil War
Two video clips, one of Jon Stuart and the other of Stephen Colbert. Jon makes fun of a general who thinks that everything is okay in Iraq. Stephen gives advise to Iraqis on how to have a memorable civil war.

Stuck in an Orwellian nightmare
A suggestion to replace the War on Terror with a threat that can actually be solved without slipping into an Orwellian nightmare.

Hutz v. Mason: Silencing Justice
Doctor biobrain debunks the RW talking points about tort reform.

Book review of “Fear: The History of a Political Idea”

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