Thursday, February 02, 2006

Fear of ideas stands at the center of a controversy about new Christian movie

Apparently some ultra-conservative Christians are upset over the choice of openly gay actor Chad Allen to star in a new movie about missionaries called “End of the Spear.”

The problem is not only that Allen is out and an equality activist, but that unsuspecting movie goers might look him up on the web and see his opinions about fairness for gays. In other words, folks might see an idea that is different then the one promoted by their churches. The Times reports:
Many evangelicals are concerned that young people inspired by the movie will look up Mr. Allen on the Web and "get exposed to his views on homosexuality, and that would cause some of them to question Biblical views of homosexuality and every other sin," said Will Hall, executive director of, the news service of the
Southern Baptist Convention, which has published articles critical of Every Tribe's decisions.
I’m always amazed by this kind of attitude. It isn’t based on strength or the knowledge that one’s arguments will win. It isn’t based on faith.

Instead, this is nothing more than fear that one’s own ideas and theology is so weak that it can’t stand to be compared to different ideas. I don’t say this to be mean or to scream about how "crazy they all are." What I am doing is wondering: If they are so certain they’re right what do they have to fear from a different idea?

Some people are apparently so frightened by this that they've made death threats.

It must be horrible to have to live like this.

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