Monday, January 09, 2006

More Thoughts on Education

Thoughts From Kansas has an interesting analysis of the new school finance report. Apologies for being a techno-idiot, but I can't seem to find a direct link to his post, so you'll have to scroll down a bit.

How much we spend on our public schools and how we treat our children is an important issue for Kansans, of course, but the issue also provides a clear illustration of what the ultra conservatives who are dominating American politics really believe. These folks prattle on about the importance of family and the need to protect children, but refuse to fund the government programs that help children. Their refusal to fund the most basic of government services not only means that FEMA can't function in a disaster like Hurricane Katrina, but that our children's education is being short changed.

It would have been funny, if it hadn't been so tragic, that the first response of Kansas' conservatives to the school crisis was to attack the Kansas Supreme Court for daring to say that all schoolchildren in the state should be treated fairly.

Watch what happens in the next few months in the Kansas Legislature, and judge it by these questions:

Are my children being treated fairly and being given equal opportunity to a properly financed education?

Are other parents' children receiving the same fair treatment?

Will some lawmakers use this situation as an excuse to attack the courts and to upset the checks and balances in the Kansas Constitution?

Will all be treated fairly, and will the most vulnerable citizens among us be protected, as the Legislature struggles to determine how to deal with these funding shortfalls?

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